The Ray Heidenga Award

In March 2012, I was awarded the Ray Heidenga Award given by the Kent County Traffic Squad.

The award is named after Traffic Squad Member Ray Heidenga an exemplar of longtime dedication and service to the Kent County Traffic Squad. This is not an annual award, but is only presented to a member of The Traffic Squad when it has been determined by the Administrative Board that a member has, over a lengthy period of time, exemplified Ray's same dedication and commitment to the community and The Squad.

The citation reads
Over the past 5 years, this year's recipient has served our community, The Traffic Squad, The Kent County Sheriff's Department and other West Michigan Law Enforcement Agencies by unsellfishly volunteering his time, energy and resources. During this time he has and continues to serve on the Enforcement Unit and the IT Forensic Analysis Unit. In 2010, he was appointed to the positition of Lieutenant of that unit.

In his reply to me when I informed him that he would be receiving the award tonight, he commented "It seems somewhat hypocritical to accept an award for something that I enjoy doing so much, that I would even do it for free! Oh wait ..."

Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor and privilege on March 02, 2012, to present the Ray Heidenga Community Service Award for only the sixth time to Traffic Squad IT Forensic Analysis Unit Lieutenant, Dr. Earl D. Fife.