What Was On My Old Faculty Office Door

Since I have retired and had to vacate my old office, I thought it might be interesting to record the cartoons that I had posted on my office door. (Click on the cartoon to see a full-sized image of it.)

Don Knuth finally sells out
A penguin returns to the flock after seeing the world.
Uncle Bob crams for his Turing test.
The brave new world of IPv6.
The human ping.
The DDoS map from the The Zombie Report. The center of the graph is the target of the DDoS attack, the edges are the zombie/bot clients attacking the center. The colors are the different countries involved in the attack. It's very easy to see how a single attack can flow over nearly the entire Internet.
United States
United Kingdom
Russian Federation
Hong Kong
Mr Johnson, that fuzzy region on your X-ray indicates one of two things. Either you have multi-drug resistant tuberculosis, or the copy-protection system on our computer thinks that part of your left lung looks like Mickey Mouse.
Accept the security breach, or clean a litter box. Take your pick.

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